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Sam is a Chartered Management Accountant with over 25 years experience.
He brings a wealth of experience to the practice.
Sam Simon, FCMAManaging partner
After graduating in Math, management and qualifying as a management consultant Chartered Accountant, IT specialist and forensic accountant, Henry has worked for several years in this area. He also offers advice to the government on fraud prevention and investigation. Henry brings in a wealth of experience and directs all forensic investigations. Henry Hardoon, Bsc (Hons) CMath MIMA , ACA, FCCA, FAIA, CMC, MIIT, CPFAHead of forensic audit and accountancy
Raj has several years experience in software, finance and marketing. Before founding Tally Accountants, he has worked with many large corporations including Forbes, Symbian, Nokia and Panasonic. He manages the operations division of Tally accountants. Rajesh Velayuthasamy, B.Tech, MBAManaging director
Prior to joining Tally, Josephine worked for Xerox for over 25 years. During her time there she worked on a number of major group wide accounting projects including projects in Ireland, Sweden and Germany and she specializes in Lease Accounting. Josephine brings to Tally a wealth of experience and excellent customer focus. Josephine GanaAccountant

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Enthusiastic, sincere and accessible

Our team of accountants is well qualified and experienced in handling accounts. Their qualification includes training in ACCA and we have professionals who have the ACCA – PQ status.

The founders of Tally are from varied industries, so that gives them an edge over competitors in terms of experience.

Tally brings to their clients, the combined expertise of Chartered Management Accountants, marketing managers and qualified professionals (MAAT, ACCA-PQ); what do you have to lose?

One of the most important decisions made while founding Tally was that, clients would have access to their accountants easily. It was found that in most firms, accountants were difficult to reach, either by phone or otherwise. Some places treat clients based on their business volume. So while the CEO of a company could immediately access his accountant in the firm, a small business owner could not. This is something that could put anybody off. At Tally Accountants, the team ensures that this would not be the case.

So clients, regardless of their business size can approach their accountants easily; no gatekeepers or undue delays. Apart from this, the Tally team is enthusiastic, observant and sincere. They would not use difficult accounting language with clients; that is saved for their peers! Things will be simplified to clients as much as possible.

Thus if you need professional small business accountants who would use their knowledge to simplify things for you and not the contrary, get in touch with Tally Accountants right away!