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Accounting for limited companies

What services do we offer for limited companies?

Bookkeeping services
  • Daily updates
  • Bookkeeping
  • VAT returns
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Invoice processing
  • General ledger
  • Trial balance
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
Accounts preparation services
  • Year end accounts preparation
  • Monthly management accounts preparation
  • Cash flow statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Profit and loss statements
  • Customized reports
  • Budget analysis
  • Prepare forecasts and make recommendations
Taxation services
  • Personal tax returns
  • Corporation tax returns
Payroll services
  • Monthly/weekly payroll processing services
  • P45, P46, P38(S) etc
  • P14/P60/P35 End of year processing
  • P11D (If required)

Why choose tally for your limited company accounting?

For several businesses, meeting the accounting deadlines is as demanding as achieving the sales targets. The time spent on complying with the accounting deadlines is a deterrent to achieving sales targets. We understand this very well which is why we promise to help you in every possible way to meet your accounting deadlines.

We will take a note of all your important dates. We will ensure that your books are updated regularly, VAT returns are prepared well before the deadlines and budget/forecasting is done well in advance. Finally, we will ensure everything is thoroughly prepared and fully ready when it comes to year end accounting and audit.

What benefits you get from tally accountants?

  • Crystal clear books that are always up-to-date
  • A local accountant who is happy to visit you whenever needed
  • An accountant who would take away your accounting burden
  • A great service at a fixed (and affordable) price

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Accounting for Limited Companies like Yours

Meeting accounting deadlines can be more frustrating than meeting sales targets. This is because sales targets and other areas of the business is something business owners are more than familiar with. Such is not the case with regards to accounts. A lot of business owners tend to find a seemingly simple task such as bookkeeping a pain not because it is greatly difficult, but simply because it is not their cup of tea. This is understandable. Here is where we come of service to you.

Tally Accountants is that one place where you can unburden all your accounting problems. If you are a limited company, we can take care of your bookkeeping and accounting needs, tax and payroll needs. In short, we can take care of all the accounting tasks for you.

With Tally, you can expect to have accounts taken care of without any stress. Also you will have crystal clear books that are up to date and ready on time. The fee you pay for our services is also going to make you happy since it is affordable and completely worth your time and money. Being a local limited company accountant, we are always going to be available to meet up if necessary. We promise never to ignore your mails or your phone calls. With us you can expect to have a good accounting experience.