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Accounting for sole-traders and partnerships

At Tally, we provide sensible advice on all financial and legal matters pertaining to sole proprietorships and partnerships. We are situated locally and pride ourselves on being easily accessible to you at all times. You can now do what you know best, (Look after your business) and for other accounting/legal affairs you have experts at Tally to guide you!

How do we help sole traders/partnerships?

Help setting up

We advise you on the setting up of your business. Be it opening a bank account or filing VAT returns, we help you with all the essentials of starting a business.

Help with administration

We also help you with administration tasks once you have set up your trade. We advise you on tax affairs and complying with HMRC rules and regulations.

Look after your accounting

If you lack the experience, we will guide you with all the important aspects of looking after your books, preparing for end of the year and everything that is related to accounting and tax of your business.

Insurance and mortgages

Insurance protection is necessary for any business, regardless of the choice of the trading option. We help businesses acquire that and other services they may require such as securing mortgages.

Advice in simple language

We understand that sensible accounting advice in simple English is what business owners look for. We avoid using heavy accounting lingo and simplify things for our clients.

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Looking forward to setting up your sole-trader/partnership business?

Well, that's great!
But it's better to double check if all your efforts to start-up are in place. Often times, business owners get everything about their business right, except for their books of accounts. They fail to plan how their accounts are going to be taken care of or by whom. Bookkeeping, accounting etc are things that are going to be very important especially during

the tax season. Plus there are separate procedures for partnership accounts. If the business owners do not ensure that the books are taken care of by professional accounts, their accounts might just end up at the guillotine.

HMRC charges heavy penalties for late-submission/ incorrect books of accounts. You don't want to be spending a portion of your profits as penalty, do you? In that case, it is better that you approach professionals such as those at Tally Accountants.

Tally Accountants are situated in London, so businesses in London can easily reach them whenever required. One of the best things about Tally is that they do not use accounting jargon with their clients. What is the use of speaking in complex accounting tongue to those who need help with it? Thus if you need help with your sole trader/partnership business, be it about accounts, or business advice, get in touch with London accountants are right away.