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Need help preparing your VAT returns?

Preparing and filing VAT returns on time is a pain for every business regardless of its size. That is why so many businesses miss the VAT return deadline. Missing the deadline means 2 things

  • Pay late penalty to HMRC
  • Get into HMRC's bad books

Though paying the penalty is a pain, you can live with it. But you cannot afford to be in HMRC's bad books. It means more HMRC queries, more communication with HMRC and unnecessary waste of your precious time.

If you choose Tally as your accounting provider, you will definitely be in HMRC's good books. You will be in their good books because we will keep a record of all your VAT deadlines and do your returns way ahead of your deadline. Apart from doing the VAT on your behalf, we also help you prepare for a detailed VAT audit, if required.

We assist small businesses, sole traders, partnerships, freelancers and contractors in preparing and filing VAT returns. We can also deal with HMRC on your behalf, every step of the way, right from filing papers and answering queries to making sure of meeting all the accounting deadlines.

Why trust tally for handling your VAT returns?

  • Your deadlines will always be met
  • Always fixed prices and no hidden terms and conditions
  • We will deal with HMRC on your behalf

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File your VAT Tax easier and at low cost!

VAT deadlines often gives a business owner sleepless nights. Missing a VAT deadline means penalty and worse, HMRC speculation. It is bad for business to be in the HMRC bad books simply because they will be watching you closely. You would have to answer a lot more questions, and thereby you will be spending a lot of time with the HMRC. Surely this time is better invested in the business.

Do not worry if you have found yourself struggling with the regulations and procedure of HMRC. It is not too easy if you are new to it or if you are doing it for the first time. It is also understandable that you leave it to the last minute simply because you don't have time to put aside for it.

We at Tally are more than happy to help you out with this. You would be paying an affordable fee to have all your VAT and HMRC headaches relieved. Apart from basic VAT reports, we can also take care of VAT audit for you.

Let the tax accountant take care of your VAT and HMRC worries!
At Tally, we currently serve small businesses, sole traders, partnerships, freelancers and contractors.