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Limited companies

Is managing various accounting deadlines an issue? Let us remember all
your deadlines and manage it on your behalf.

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Contractors and freelancers

Do you crave for accounting advice in simple English? Find out how we can
help with your accounting needs in simple everyday language.

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Sole-traders and partnerships

Need a local accountant, easy to reach? We are local to you and are easily
reachable. See how we can help on your accounting needs.

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Our Clientele

We at Tally cater to Limited Companies, Contractors/Freelancers, Sole-traders and Partnership firms. The requirements for each of these are different and we understand that. We treat individual priorities with respect and give it our undivided attention. For Limited companies we provide bookkeeping and accounting services, taxation and outsourced payroll services. Contractors and Freelancers can expect valuable accounting advice in simple English. Our

accountants don't just tell you what to do; they also tell you why you ought to do it in a language you will understand. We also offer step by step setting up advice. For sole-traders and partnership firms we take care of admin tasks in addition to all the accounting and bookkeeping tasks.

Tally is different in the sense of the secular treatment given to each of these different clients. We genuinely strive to do our best with each client irrespective of their size. Our accountants are practiced at being polite and patient and you can expect them to answer all your questions irrespective of how silly it might sound. We also price our services fairly such that it is affordable to most small businesses and other self employed folks.